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03. Front End Applied to Lower Rails

The lower rails were already fixed to the table using pipe clamps through holes in the table, so fixing the front end to the lower rails was a very simple task. Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to perform this task more than once because I didn't realize that the first front assembly was fouled until after is was attached to the lower rails.

The misalignment of the front end on the first pass became very obvious when I pulled the assembly off of the table to grind the fully welded joints. Although it is barely seen in the photo shown here, the more than 1/2" twist between the top and bottom rails was too much to ignore.

The reason for the misalignment was based on my trying to make quick work of the assembly by fully welding (and even grinding) the joints. Lesson learned... only tack weld the joints until the entire chassis is assembled to ensure that everything is square and easily reworked if need be.

Although these welded joints aren't terrible, this photo also reveals the lessons I hope to learn when TIG welding.