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3D Models

Computer Aided Design was a special interest of mine while completing a degree in mechanical engineering from Bucknell University.  I wanted to fully understand the design in Ron's book before cutting any steel or welding any joints. The best way for me to understand the design was to model the entire chassis (for starters) using the CAD software that I happen to have at my disposal.

A lot of progress has been made since I first published the original "book chassis."  One example is a complete 3D model of the McSorley 442 chassis.  This model was created by Dave King of Synergy Tech.  Dave posted the model to 3DContentCentral, a free and active community to share and download user contributed and supplier-certified 3D parts & assemblies.  The approach that I'm using to share the Book design requires the "Viewpoint MediaPlayer" browser plug-in from http://www.viewpoint.com/.

You can download the plug-in, or click an image below to automatically download and view either model.

Original Book Design

McSorley 442