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Off-the-Shelf Parts List

This page lists various parts and suppliers to help you design and build your Sevenesque Roadster. This list is not intended to provide any particular recommendation other than to identify components and indicate possible usage and availability; this is not an exhaustive list of suppliers or options.Rod-ends

Applications: Suspension mounting, Panhard rod, steering column support, tie-rod ends, remote shifter linkage

Available from: Jegs, Aurora, most others

QA1 Rod Ends

Heavy Duty Economy



Hole I.D.: 1/2"

 Thread Size: 1/2" RH


Hole I.D.: 1/2"
Thread Size: 1/2'' LH


Extra High Strength Chrome Moly, Teflon/Kevlar Race


Hole I.D.: 1/2''
Thread Size: 1/2''LH


Hole I.D.: 1/2''
Thread Size: 1/2'' RH

Jam Nuts

Applications: Hold rod-ends in fixed position when adjusting control arms, trailing arms.

Available from: Jegs, most suppliers

Jegs/QA1 Jam Nuts


Jam Nuts


Right Hand Thread


Jam Nuts


Left Hand Thread


Rod-end Mounting Bracket

 Applications: Suspension mounting, Panhard rod mounting

Available from: AA Manufacturing

  •  Item#:AA-098-A
  • 1/2" Welded Bushing
  • 1 1/16" Gap


Available from: Jegs




Oversized (taller)

''U'' Shaped Mount Tab - Track Rod Clevis, etc.

3/16'' thick x 1.75'' wide x 2.375 high.

1'' from inside to inside width.

1/2'' side holes, 5/8'' base hole.

Jegs Part number 550-40774



Available from: Pro-Werks



  • Pro-Werks Part Number C73-157
  • 1/2" Bolt, 1-1/4" Flat mount
  • Includes Bushings


Rod End Seals

Protect rod ends from dirt and moisture.

Available from: Speedway Motors, Seals-IT


Rod End Seals

  • Neoprene rubber seal bonded to an aircraft quality washer.
  • Extends the life of your rod ends by keeping the dirt out.

Cylindrical Spacers (Bushings)

Applications: Fit into Rod-end mounting bracket to align rod end within bracket and provide solid purchase for through bolt.

Available from: UB Machine, Pro-Werks, some others

UB Machine Part Number; 999-5507-025, spacer 3/4" OD x 1/2" ID x 1/4" long

UB Machine Part Number; 999-5507-050, spacer 3/4" OD x 1/2" ID x 1/2" long

UB Machine Part Number; 999-5507-075, spacer 3/4" OD x 1/2" ID x 3/4" long



High-misalignment Spacers

Mis-alignment Spacers

Also known as: Cone Spacers, Tapered Spacers

Application: obtain maximum clearance for rod end travel.

Available from: Speedway Motors, Jegs, some others

  • 1" O.D
  • aluminum with 1/2" or 5/8" hole
  • steel with 5/8" hole.
  • Speedway part number 5464108
  • Jeg's



Threaded Boss (Threaded Bushing, Threaded Insert)

 Applications: Drill through chassis tubes and weld in place for mounting suspension, seats, seat belts, gas tank, etc.

 Available from: UB Machine, AA Manufacturing, some others

UB Machine part number 999-4507-075

  • threaded boss 1/2" -20 x 3/4" long

AA Manufacturing part number AA-266-B, 7/8" OD 1/2" - 20 Thread, 1/2" Length


Threaded Tube End

Also known as: Threaded Tube Insert, Tube Bushing, Tube Adapter)

Applications: Weld into round tube to make custom length trailing arms and control arms

Available from: Coleman Racing, Pro-Werks (4130 cromoly)

Fits 3/4" tube I.D. with 1/2-20 interior thread

Coleman Part No. 15585 (right hand)

Coleman Part No. 15586 (left hand)


Thread Tubing

Also known as Tap Tube 

Applications: For custom length trailing arms, control arms, and tie rods. Ready to be tapped as-is, no drilling needed

Available from: Coleman Racing, some others

  • TapTube, Steel, 5/8 (4 Foot Length)
  •  .812 O.D. X .562 I.D. (tie rod)
  • .937 O.D. X .687 I.D. (trailing arm)
  •  Coleman Part No. 16249

Swedged Tubing

Applications: trailing arms, control arms

Available From: Speedway Motors, most others


Swedged Tubing

  • Swedged steel sleeves, 1/2" thread
  • 3/4" O.D. tube. .065 wall.
  • 1/2" RH and LH fine threads.
  • Available in 1" increments from 11" to 18".
  • Speedway Item 91034212


Adjustable A-Arm Assembly with Cross-Shaft

Application: Front Suspension, Upper A-arm assembly

Available from: Speedway Motors


Adjustable Upper Control Arm Assembly

  Adjustable upper ball joint carrier, threaded



  • Allows for easy adjustment of caster/camber.
  • IMCA approved cross shaft. 
  • Uses threaded ball joint.
  • Speedway Item # 91034371





Alternative - using Ball Joint Plate for bolt-on ball joints


SPC Performance

Ball joint Plates

  • Full sized GM to fit Moog K6024
  • Mid sized GM to fit Moog K5208




 Example of a custom chassis layout:

chassis detail

Upper Control Arm Slider Mounts

Application: Front Suspension, Adjustable Upper Control Arm Mounting

Proper Name: "Slotted Upper A-Arm Mount and Adjuster", "A-Arm Mount-Slider Mount"

Available from: Southwest Speed, Coleman Racing


  • Weld directly to the chassis
  • Includes 1/2" SAE bolt to hold typical upper control arm cross member
  • Provides 2" range to adjust upper control arm inner pivot point

    Screw in Ball Joints

     Applications: Upper and Lower ball joints


    Screw-in Ball Joint

    Available from: most suppliers


     Must be matched with threaded ball joint holder

    Taper angles vary, usually 7 or 10 degrees

    Also measured as slope in inches/foot

    Typical slopes are 1.5”/ft (7°) and 2”/ft (10°)


    Ball Joint Sleeve

    Threaded ball joint sleeve

    Application: Typically welded to 1” DOM tubing (or larger) to fabricate custom lower control arm.


    Available from: most suppliers

     Must be matched with threaded ball joint

     Do not overheat when welding. Take your time.

    Tapered Reamer

    Also known as: Ball Joint Reamer

    Application: to enlarge the upper or lower ball joint taper on uprights

    Available from: Speedway Motors, Southwest Speed, Coleman Racing, some others


    Brake Line Tab


    Applications: Transitioning from rigid brake line tubing to flexible brake hose

    Available from: Coleman Racing, most others


      Brakeline Tab, Part No. 15699

      Use to attach 2901 and 2902 brake fittings to frame


    Pedal Plate

     Application: As the basis for a custom pedal box to mount master cylinders

    Available from: AA Manufacturing


    Pedal Plate

     Item#: LZ-35-A
    1/8" Steel
    1 1/2" Large Holes (3)
    3/8" Small Holes (6)


    Exhaust Tubing and Elbow

     Application: Custom exhaust fabrication

    Available from: Pro-Werks, SS Headers, Schoenfeld Headers


    Exhaust pieces



    U & J Bends


    Oxygen Sensor Threaded Bungs

    Body Panels

    Available from: Canadian Online Locost Distributors (COLD)

    Hand laid by master craftsmen

    Gray gel coat, ready to sand and paint.

    Front cycle fenders

    Rear fenders in 9” & 11” wide

    Nosecone to fit original “Locost” design (Ron Champion’s book)

    Nosecone available in “+4 inch” widths

    Custom duct work available

    COLD fiberglass

    Available from: Kinetic Vehicles

    Kinetic Nosecones

    The nose on the right is the TTL, which is a pretty common size for modern Locosts. Finishing the edges and adding mount flanges are an exercise left to the builder, but this leaves the option of customizing the fit by trimming the rough fiberglass.


    Windshield Surround

    Ace hardware SKU# 53258,

    UPC# 0 40395 56532 6, 1/16" wall,1/2" height