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06. Vertical Uprights - Firewall

I was carefully monitoring the relative geometry of the existing parts for any shifting or twisting after adding each part to the assembly. Having reworked the front end once already, I paid particular attention to the front assembly to be sure everything was square and correctly distanced.

I took even more effort to ensure that everything was accurate when it came time to join the lower and upper rails with the vertical uprights as this would permanently box in the front half the chassis. To eliminate some misalignment in the front end I had to leverage the bottom of the front assembly against the top just enough to shift their relative positions by about 3/16".

With the front assembly accurately (albeit not so gracefully) leveraged into the correct position, the vertical uprights were applied to join the lower and upper rails.

The corner clamps simplified this process as well (gotta love those clamps!). The build seems to be progressing more quickly now that the parts are laid out with respect to each other, as opposed to being laid out with respect to the table.